Process layout

Analyse and realise process layout or bloc diagram in order to :

  • Understand manufacturing process and its modes of operation
  • Identify and define operator's workstation
  • Set-up production standards
  • Identify and monitor performances to set-up KPI's
  • Inform and train

Operator's workstation

Identify, define and organise operator's workstation integrating all resources in matter of:

  • Raw material to realise your finished product: Procedures, product flow and performances
  • Assets: Machines and tooling
  • Human resources: Skills, job description and training needs
  • Logistic: Replenishment and services (TPM, technical…)
  • Environmental: Ergonomics and operating conditions

Production standards

Set-up production standards in view to have reference points to:

  • Calculate product unit costs
  • Measure, calculate and verify any deviations and their effects
  • Evaluate potential corrective actions as a continuous improvement process
  • Have a reliable scoreboard

Operating procedures

Set-up operating procedures by applying TPM principles in view to :

  • Mastering the knowledge of process flow or process diagram at any time
  • Have written and approved operating procedures as a basic reference
  • Have a training tool for “on-the-job-learning” approach
  • Assure know-how transfer in a coherent and standardised manner

Performances measurements

Identify and select references and measuring points to calculate appropriate KPI's in view to :

  • Proceed with gap analysis that may generate appropriate corrective actions
  • Identify any specific case that could justify a continuous improvement action plan
  • Have historical data and reporting system